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Tennis has been around for many years and has not stopped growing since it first started. Although it is very physically tiring, it is still a very highly enjoyable sport to play and watch. Many professionals today can make it look effortless and natural to hit the strokes. The truth is that developing such effortless strokes takes endless hours of practice. Tennis is composed of many strokes; forehands, backhands, slices, volleys, overheads, and drop shots. But you're not ready to play the game until you know how to serve. The serve is the one thing where the player has full control, the opponent should not have any affect on the outcome or success of the serve. Although it sounds like it should be the easiest shot, it can actually be one of the hardest shots to execute successfully due to the many components that the player must control in such a short time. Once you learn how to serve, then you can start the point.

The most important shots in tennis are the serve and the return, but considering that there cannot be a return without a serve, the serve becomes the most important. In most cases, the serve determines the kind of return that the opponent will hit (Reed, Whiteside, Elliot). Although the serve is the one thing the player has full control over, it is still the most complex shot in term of technicality and mental preparation (Durovic). There are two main methods for serving, the pinpoint method and the platform method. Every player serves the way they feel is most comfortable to them. Although there's only two ways to serve, we would like to focus on the pinpoint serve, as we believe it allows for more power. Even though it is harder to learn, enough practice and hard work will make the motion feel very smooth and fluid. Just for comparison, there is also an explanation of the alternative technique, the platform technique.The best serve is one that combines maximum power with maximum control (Durovic).One method is not necessarily better than the other, it just depends on how well the player is able to execute it.

The tennis serve is the start of a great sport that can be played on different services under many different conditions. Tennis is an all around great sport that can be played by anyone at any age. You don't have to be an expert or professional at tennis in order to have a good time. Just take a ball, serve, and have fun!


The Pinpoint Serve

The Platform Serve (alternative technique)


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